7 Luxury Condo Amenities Buyers Love

7 Luxury Condo Amenities Buyers Love

  • Mariana Garber
  • 08/25/22

Condo owners and those who want to be condo owners are a special kind of Miami real estate enthusiast.

They eschew the relative comfort and privacy of single-family homes for the communal, in the middle of it all action that comes with condo living. They don't mind sharing walls if it means a stunning location with stunning views, especially if you're taking in that scenery surrounded by high-end luxury.

In Miami, that translates to luxe developments such as The Surf Club Four Seasons, St. Regis Bal Harbour, Fendi Chateau Residences, and so many more high-end oceanfront properties being in high demand.

But more than just the extravagance of living large along the southern Atlantic coast, buyers seek statement-making amenities, both inside and outside their units.

We're not talking about a reasonably well-equipped fitness center overlooking a standard swimming pool. Nice as it may be, you can find that at any run-of-the-mill apartment complex.

In Miami's high-end, high-rise lifestyle, buyers require comforts and conveniences that typify not just the good life but the best life possible. Below we examine seven luxury condo amenities buyers love.

1. Spa and Fitness Facilities

Sure, they are staples of practically every mid- and high-rise community available today, but the level of luxury buyers' demand from their wellness amenities has evolved. No longer is a lap or soaking pool and a small room of treadmills acceptable.

Today's luxury condo residents expect a de facto health club as part of their amenity package, whether a stand-alone community convenience or high-end hotel residences affording the use of their five-star facilities. On-demand wellness and beauty treatments, yoga or exercise classes, saunas, hot tubs, indoor sports courts, and fully outfitted gyms with an abundance of equipment are now the rule, not the exception.

As for the pool, it's no longer acceptable as a spot to simply layout and take in the occasional swim. Owners relish the chance to enjoy an extravagant pool. An oasis where one can swim laps, partake in water aerobics, or lounge with guests in a private cabana. Even better if the community features two pools - one for the former, the other for the latter.

2. High-End Finish Outs

Preferred condo amenities extend well beyond a community's common areas. Luxury buyers require a certain level of refinement within their units, finish-outs that match the lifestyle being sold by opulent high-end buildings.

Favored interior features include private elevator access, service vestibules, floor-to-ceiling windows, designer chef's kitchen with professional-grade appliances, and expansive private patios, balconies, or terraces. Discerning buyers also have an eye for the materials used to create their interior spaces. Rich and sustainable flooring is always a plus, as are luxuriously set kitchen and bathroom counters and tiles.

Beyond the look and feel, upscale interiors also involve how a home lives. Brickell condo buyers today want homes filled with technology and connectivity. High-speed fiber built directly into the building is a basic necessity.

So too are smart appliances and intelligent thermostats, both of which give owners complete control over the comfort and convenience of their home.

3. Personalized Menu of Services

Although the manner in which specific services are administered will vary between communities - hotel-based condo residences often share staff between the two entities - there is a certain cachet of care owners desire from their community. Primary among these is the guarantee of a gated entry and secure parking along with 24-hour security, monitored or in-person, or full-time doorman staffing.

But that's just a basic need, one every high-end condo community should have. What truly sets the grand and lavish communities apart from more pedestrian affairs is access to a personalized concierge service.

Places such as the Four Seasons Residences are renowned for their attention to condo owner needs, but many private, upscale community associations employ their own team of in-house professionals to curate the affluent lifestyle their residents are accustomed to living.

The final piece of the personalization puzzle is dining and the need for many professionals in high-end luxury condos to have access to fine dining 24/7. Communities featuring on-site restaurants or employing world-class Chefs are high on a would-be buyer's wishlist.

So too are those communities that go beyond meal prep and offer grocery procurement services. The most sought-after communities commit to ultra-personalization; whatever an owner may need is at their fingertips.

4. Dedicated Entertaining Spaces

It's not uncommon for residents of ultra-exclusive luxury condos to use their stunning space as a venue for entertaining. After all, what's the point of owning such an immaculate piece of Brickell real estate if you never show it off. Whether personal or professional, entertaining is one of the most underappreciated reasons buyers seek out luxury condos.

Sometimes, though, a well-appointed interior unit doesn't offer the space or vibe necessary to wow one's guests. That's where rooftop terraces, private lounges with a view, or indoor-outdoor business and meeting centers earn their worth. Even better if the outdoor areas feature professional-grade kitchens, a bar that can be utilized during events, or cabana areas.

When working in tandem with a condo's concierge to set up the perfect event, these extraordinary spaces provide room enough for your visitors to mingle, network, and relax while enjoying all the benefits of your condo's high-end lifestyle.

But it's not just on-site entertaining that owners demand; the best condo communities take advantage of their location. In Miami, that translates to private beach access and accommodations, with some even featuring personal valet service to make a day at the beach an even greater luxury.

5. Environmentally Friendly Buildings

Condo owners seeking the good life are not bashful about wanting the ultimate luxuries from their high-rise condo. As this list shows, they appreciate it when their home and community make a statement. But more and more, those same owners want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. They want a building that reflects that sensibility.

Green living means a building with a significantly reduced environmental footprint starting with its construction. A number of buyers seek out buildings constructed from sustainable materials using sustainable methods and practices.

Such features may include buildings designed to minimize heat loss and optimize heating and cooling, green roofs, patios or terraces, or other vegetative species throughout the property, LED lighting, and a garage with electric car charging stations and exhaust fans (for removing carbon monoxide).

Inside a unit, eco-friendly accouterments include LED lighting, Energy Star-rated appliances and windows, organic paint and adhesive-less floors, low-flow, high-pressure fixtures, and highly efficient HVAC systems. To top it all off, eco-conscience buyers champion HOAs who favor building-wide recycling.

6. Children's Programs

The best luxury condo communities pride themselves on creating an atmosphere that provides owners with the best experience possible, whether a full or part-time resident. One of the most vital aspects of that commitment is ensuring that the entire family feels at home, including an owner's children.

Many new condo communities are keying in on younger demographics and creating spaces and programs that don't simply occupy one's time but educate and entertain and allow young residents to thrive. Children's club rooms, playgrounds, libraries, and community activity or media centers are a growing trend among condo communities that parents and kids love.

Many associations are sponsoring enriching group activities for a building's youth population, including field trips and on-site programs that are equal parts engaging and enriching.

With more and more parents working from home, it places a premium on the need for child care for their youngest, which many luxury communities are growing attune to. From on-site daycares or available nannies to reciprocal agreements and reserved spaces at the best local child care facilities, condos are going above and beyond to meet owners' day-to-day needs.

And, yes, that can also include an owner's four-legged children, with pet parks and on-site grooming, boarding, and walking services, popping up at even the most exclusive condo residences.

7. Additional Storage

Depending on the community and its specific locale or target clientele, this particular luxury - and make no mistake, extra storage is a highly sought-after amenity - takes numerous forms. Most notable is the wine storage needs for high-end buyers.

With carefully curated collections totaling hundreds or even thousands of bottles and valued at tens of thousands of dollars, on-site wine cellars, including well-appointed tasting rooms, keep homeowners close to one of their most prized possessions.

But conventional storage needs matter too. From private garages for housing an extra vehicle or two to private marinas for boats or reciprocal arrangements with those nearby, or simply a spot to store extra clothes, unused furniture, or abundant holiday trimmings, no condo owner has ever said no to a little extra space.

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